Our Three Pillars

Intellectual Preparation
Children receive an excellent education upgraded to fit the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. Our students learn to analyze and solve real-world problems, to think critically, and to explore their own curiosity. It’s about going beyond the textbooks for a lifetime of learning.

The skills and education children receive here, from Junior Kindergarten to the capstone experience of our 8th grade year, prepares students for advanced learning in high school, college, and beyond—as far as their dreams can take them. 

Individual Flourishing

School isn’t just about the academics. It’s about growing intellectually, ethically, and socially. Our mission is to give each student opportunities to become more than they ever thought possible. 

That’s why our teachers aren’t just intellectuals. They’re caring, creative experts in their fields, and they take time to instill social and emotional intelligence, determination, and self-advocacy among their students—not just hard facts.

Ethical Collaboration 

True success in any endeavor requires more than just skill. It means having an ethical, moral compass that guides you honorably through all the tricky spots of life. 

By working in diverse groups, experiencing learning in an authentic environment, and learning from caring, experienced educators, each student will learn that morality is about more than just following the letter of the law. They’ll learn compassion and empathy that enable them to truly excel.
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