Our Story

Building on a 75-year tradition of excellence, the educators at Marymount have crafted a unique learning experience that blends mastery of core subjects with acquisition of the essential skills students need to navigate and be successful in a rapidly evolving world.

At its heart, a Marymount education is student-centered. In 
every level—from junior kindergarten to eighth grade—
Marymount students learn and grow in respectful, encouraging, and safe surroundings. With a student-to-teacher ratio of eight-to-one, individualized attention, careful monitoring of progress, and consistent communication with parents ensures that each student’s needs and aptitudes are recognized and addressed.

In the classroom, Marymount teachers utilize a well-thought-out, inquiry-based approach that compels students to participate in their own learning process. They become adept at converting information into knowledge, and knowledge into understanding. Time and again, research has proven that this invaluable skill is the foundation for high levels of achievement in high school, college, and career.

In many ways, the ingredients for success remain unchanged—resilience, determination, adaptability, and a solid grasp of the basics. But in today’s world, our children also must know how to work smarter and solve multi-faceted problems. They will have to utilize technology effectively, express themselves with clarity and eloquence, and collaborate in pursuit of common goals. It is precisely this set of 21st Century skills that Marymount’s learning environment has been designed to impart. The outstanding record of accomplishment by our graduates is a testament to its efficacy.

Marymount is debuting a new online inquiry system… CLICK HERE to receive more information about Marymount of Santa Barbara. Or, contact Admission Director Molly Seguel at (805) 569-1811, ext. 131 or info@marymountsb.org.

Our Academic Philosophy

At Marymount, we recognize that individuals have unique learning styles. Our low student-teacher ratio allows us to get to know each student and educate them in engaging and innovative ways. Informed student-teacher dialogue leads to informed student-teacher risk-taking. Instructors find the best teaching methods to support students’ areas of challenge and encourage them to strive to the next level. We are committed to differentiated instruction, multi-sensory instruction, project-based learning, and standards based instruction and assessment.

Marymount’s dedication to preparation extends beyond academics to the development of the whole child, fulfilling their moral, physical, and creative potential. Teachers collaborate with specialists in art, computer technology, drama, library science, music, physical education, religion, and Spanish. This multi-disciplinary approach to education stimulates students’ curiosity, provides healthy avenues for self-expression, and builds critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. The capstone experience is the middle school elective program when students benefit from courses in computers, robotics, cooking, SCUBA, fine arts and theater arts, and more. Marymount’s heritage and religious studies programs give us a unique advantage in promoting moral and ethical development of all of our students in an environment that fosters tolerance, character, service to others, and responsible citizenship.

Our rapidly changing world compels us to be innovative, ambitious, and dedicated to becoming a school of the future. In order to serve the children entrusted to us, creativity, collaboration, integrated curriculum, communication, problem-solving, and invention must be a part of every program and every activity at the school. We are dedicated to providing the best 21st Century education possible.

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