"Thank you, Marymount, for raising the bar. Thank you for encouraging us to set our own high standards, standards that require passion and strength in order to be achieved."

McKenna Madden, '12

“As my child is close to ending her time spent at Marymount, I want you all to know how much I appreciate your dedication and commitment to enriching my child’s life. From kindergarten through eighth grade, the staff and faculty at Marymount have done an outstanding job of educating my daughter and enriching her life. A school is only as good as its staff, and you all should be very proud of yourselves.”

Chuck Aljian
Father of Julia ’12

After taking a closer look at the best private schools in Santa Barbara, we chose Marymount of Santa Barbara. We observed a reoccurring theme at Marymount - We met teachers with a deep knowledge of their subjects; students were achieving at a higher level and the teachers were making a huge impact in the student’s lives. We saw examples of student work, where it was very clear that the teachers were inspiring students at all levels. English, Math, Science, Technology, Arts, Languages, Moral Studies and Physical Education were part of the daily school curriculum. We also discovered that Marymount invests in faculty development to meet the demands of the 21st Century education. We are already seeing excellent results with our 1st grader – she loves going to Marymount every day! When you ask her why do you like going Marymount, her response is – “because I learn something new every day like about vertebras and water vapor”. 

 Vijay Sharma
Father of Simran ’20

“Marymount made me think I could do anything. I think of the decision my family made to send me to Marymount, and I am filled with gratitude. I look out and see the coach who taught me to play volleyball ... the teachers who encouraged me along the way. Thank you.”

Annie Maxwell ’93
2009-2010 White House Fellow

Chief operating officer at the Skoll Global Threats Fund

“The value of a top-notch education like the one you are getting here at Marymount is, first, the love of learning, and second, the belief that you can head out into the world and make a difference.”

Katherine Marquart ’95
Litigation attorney with the global law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher

Volunteer of the Year by Public Counsel’s Children’s Rights Project

“I know what it is like to feel a part of a community because of Marymount and it helped me seek community right away in high school. Marymount also exposes students to different things and experiences. It definitely kept me on my toes! The program helped me to get involved and feel engaged. I feel I have a tremendous debt to Marymount actually. “

Lanea Pearson
Marymount 2009

Current Student Body President at Cate School

“When I was in middle school at Marymount I took part in the leadership program. I was surrounded by supportive classmates and faculty and was given the opportunity and the resources to succeed. I started by organizing small events… Now I run fundraisers involving over 200 people. Marymount helped me learn how to make a tangible plan and then proceed in a logical way. I learned to follow through on my ideas… These early leadership opportunities also taught me how good it feels to make things happen.”

Eliza Giles
Marymount 2009

Prefect, Cate School

“What I respect about Marymount is its long and successful history in the Santa Barbara community, its academic excellence, the creativity our students exude through theater, music and the arts, the committed faculty and staff, and especially the moral enrichment and understanding taught here.  Marymount’s many achievements are revealed in our children every day.  What I love about Marymount is that it is so much more than a rigorously academic school - it’s an experience, a lifestyle with a sustaining supportive atmosphere within an amazing community, and set in one of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Santa Barbara...”

Kamala Parris
Mother of Amara ’12 and Brolin ’13
2011-12 Marymount Parent Council Co-President

“Who we become, how we think and how we see the world, is the product of our surroundings and experiences growing up… I would like to think that many years from now in their adult lives our students will draw strength from memories of their early time in this place of peace and beauty, where they first discovered the excitement of learning and the power of knowledge, and were immersed in an environment of support, encouragement and unlimited opportunities for personal growth. 

Kenneth Vadnais
Father of Hannah ’15 and Thomas 15
Chair, Buildings & Grounds Committee
Member, Board of Trustees

“As an alumna, I am very grateful to come back as a parent…”

Lauren Carl Troiani 76
Mother of Enzo 09 and Ava 12
2012 Angel Award Recipient

“Independent schools—and Marymount in particular– have the flexibility, some would say responsibility, to go a step further. Independent schools see the student as a “whole person” and develop curricula to address the needs of that person. Marymount’s commitment to fostering character traits that will help them become successful is not lip service. A Marymount education helps its students develop the skills and character to support the education they are getting not only while they are at Marymount, but beyond. The lessons learned at Marymount will stay with the students and help them with life decisions. When my husband and I were looking at the independent school choices available to us in Santa Barbara, Marymount was a clear stand out in this regard. Marymount’s programs and traditions showed commitment.”

Hilary Doubleday

President of the Board of Trustees
Mother of Serena’11 and Isabelle ’13
President of the Board of Trustees

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