The Marymount Story


Marymount of Santa Barbara is an independent school for children from age 4 through grade 8 that places equal value on the intellectual, social-emotional, and ethical dimensions of learning to prepare bright, confident, and caring young people for the next adventures of their lives.


Marymount of Santa Barbara invites all families seeking a quality, high school-preparatory education for their child. Marymount of Santa Barbara offers a challenging academic curriculum balanced with social, emotional, and ethical dimensions of learning. Our students thrive in an open, respectful and supportive environment, which allows them to individually and collectively discover and celebrate the similarities and differences of all, fosters their intellectual curiosity, shapes them into responsible, compassionate, intelligent leaders and prepares them for the next phase of their journey in a diverse and complex world.


With our roots deep in the Riviera of Santa Barbara since 1938, today, in 2019, Marymount of Santa Barbara is a thriving Independent Co-Educational Day school welcoming all students from age 4 through 14.  We celebrate our students individually and holistically focus on meeting the needs of our students intellectually, ethically, physically and creatively. Marymount of Santa Barbara was originally founded as a Catholic All Girls High School. In 1972, the school was purchased by a dedicated group of Marymount parents and governed by a Board of Trustees to be repurposed as a co-educational K-8 Independent Catholic Day School. In 2004, Marymount transitioned to a fully independent Day school while still honoring its Catholic traditions. In 2007, in partnership with the UCSB Religious Studies Department, Marymount developed two separate and unique study programs for families to either continue receiving some study of the Catholic faith or participate in Marymount’s signature world religions curricular program, Kaleidoscope. In 2008, the Junior Kindergarten program was added for full-time early childhood academic preparation.