MVP | Marymount Virtual Platform

MVP - Marymount Virtual Platform

MVP Educational Philosophy and Core Values
We are committed to providing all Marymount students access to an online educational experience that continues to reflect Marymount’s mission, educational philosophy, and core values. We are navigating the need for authentic connection through technology with the understanding that a healthy amount of digital access is different across grade levels.

I.  Marymount|MVP remains committed to continuing the equitable delivery of the highest quality academic and enrichment programming for students in this unexpected and unprecedented time in our global history.

II.  Marymount|MVP will prioritize the equity of mental health and wellness of all of our faculty, students and families as our most important consideration in the design and implementation of academic and enrichment programming.

III.  Marymount|MVP continues to be aligned with the CAIS|NAIS recommendations and accreditation guidelines for best practices for independent schools across the nation, but also the recommended work levels developmentally appropriate for our students. 

MARYMOUNT | MVP Teaching and Learning Task Force
  • Chris Broderick, Head of School (ex-officio)
  • Andrea Torchin, Associate Head of School-Task Force Chair
  • Dr. Mario Bucio, Director of Counseling and Student Wellness
  • Meg Dana, Lower School Faculty 
  • Anna Forterra, LCSW, JK-8 Counselor
  • Kate Keeley, Director of Junior Kindergarten
  • Jenny Kustura, Lower School Assistant Division Coordinator
  • Dr. Dana Susko, JK-8 Library Media Specialist
  • Jannine Tuttle, Middle School Faculty