Fall 2020

Fall 2020 FAQs

Updated September 14, 2020
Welcome! Here are some quick answers regarding the reopening of our school for Fall 2020:
  1. Marymount's waiver application for grades 1st-6th to return to campus was approved by the Santa Barbara County Health Department and California Department of Public Health as of 9/11/2020.
  2. The Marymount campus is ready for reopening for in-person learning for all students while also servicing families who may choose to stay in remote learning.
  3. Per the State of California's most recent https://covid19.ca.gov/safer-economy/mandates, and the updated 8/3/20 CDPH Guidelines for the reopening of schools, the following plans have been updated or remain in place as we reopened school on 8/24/20;
  • Marymount Junior Kindergarten for 3 & 4-year-olds and Marymount Kindergarten is open for in-person learning for all JK/K students. Marymount maintains the current CDSS child care license to be open as an essential business, meeting all required state guidelines.
  • Marymount grades 1st-8th began in the MVP|Plan C for remote learning on August 24th.
    • 1st-6th grades will transition from MVP|Plan C remote learning platform to the MVP|Plan A in-person learning platform during the weeks of September 21st-October 1st.
    • 7th-8th grades will transition to the MVP|Plan A learning platform (in the remote format) until the County is removed from the COVID-19 watchlist.
Quick facts safely reopening our school for remote or in-person/on-campus instruction:
  • 5 acres to host up to a max of 235 students on campus at the same time
  • 28 indoor classrooms with newly added classroom air-filtration systems 
  • 20+ outdoor classroom spaces for all grade level cohorts to use daily 
  • 3 new “flex-faculty” have been hired to support teachers in the classroom
  • School Nurse on campus every day
  • Full time cleaning Staff on campus daily/Evening Cleaning Crew every night Monday-Friday
  • All JK-8th grade students have received and been assigned the appropriate 1:1 technology devices to work at home or school
  • Art, Music, Physical Education, Science and Spanish along with the Kaleidoscope and SEL Signature Programs for all JK-8th grade students in addition to core curricular programs
  • All Middle School students participate in the following new extension courses along with Middle School Success Seminar:
    • Creative, Performing & Visual Arts
    • Leadership & Service
    • Physical Fitness and Student Wellness
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)
  • 3 outdoor hard surface play spaces 
  • 2 large outdoor soft-surface play spaces
  • Outdoor swimming pool for safe return to individual and small group physical education
  • All students have a dress code but uniforms are no longer required
Class/Cohorts... Teacher to Student Ratios 1:6 JK / 1:9 K /. 1:10-13 2-5th grade / 1:16max (MS)
  • Junior Kindergarten | 12 students per “in-person” cohort
  • K-1st | 9 students per “in-person” cohort
  • 2nd-4th Grade | 10-13 students per “in-person” cohort
  • 5th-8th Grade | 12-16 students per “in-person” cohort
  1. Marymount Faculty and Staff are primarily working on campus while teaching in the MVP|Plan C Remote Learning Platform, and observing all mandated protocols for safe reopening of schools.
In preparation for welcoming students back to campus for the MVP | Plan A  All-On-Campus Learning Platform, all Marymount employees will receive the COVID-19 PCR Test. Employees will be tested every 60 days in compliance with the CDPH guidelines. For more information about the K-6th School Waiver process please see CA Public Health Department website: https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CID/DCDC/Pages/COVID-19/ElementarySchoolWaiverConsultations.aspx
Marymount has limited availability for enrollment for the 2020-21 school year. If you are interested in applying to Marymount for 2020-21 admissions, please contact Molly Seguel at mseguel@marymountsb.org for more information.
Town Hall Meeting on August 13, 2020
To view the recording of the most recent Town Hall Meeting with Head of School Chris Broderick, please click here.