Marymount Implements New Social Emotional Learning Curriculum

Molly Seguel
With numerous studies touting the positive long-term effects of social emotional learning (SEL) programs, Marymount of Santa Barbara is ensuring all its students benefit from these skills with a new SEL curriculum and student wellness program.

“Investment in the social and emotional well-being is a top priority for Marymount,” said Christina Broderick, head of school.  “The commitment to raise and grow healthy, happy and balanced learners at every stage of their development is vital.”

To help achieve this goal, Broderick has appointed Mario Bucio as the new director of counseling and student wellness, and Anna Forterra as a new junior kindergarten-8th grade counselor.

“For generations, as a whole, society has understood that academics, sports, music, etc. need to be systematically taught,"Bucio said. "However, the same tenants didn’t seem to extend to social emotional development and self-regulation. "Somehow, children were supposed to develop these skill sets without direct and organized instruction.” READ MORE