Party Book


If you have any questions or concerns with the Marymount Parent Committee Store, please contact:
Valerie Arnold at varnolda@gmail.com

What Is Party Book?

Party Book is a fund-raising activity for Marymount that allows you
to get to know other families in our community while helping
support the school. It is an especially great way for new families to
join the fun and get to know everyone!

• Party Book reservations will begin on Wednesday, October 7, 2020
at 9:00 am Reservations cannot be accepted prior to this time.
• Registration is on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. Prices are fixed.
Full payment must be made at reservation time.
• Be aware that parties will sell out quickly, at which point a
waiting list will be created. In order to be fair, there are
restrictions on the number of reservations any one person may
make for a single party. One person may make and pay for
reservations for him or herself and up to three other people.
• All sales are final. There will be no refunds or exchanges except
in the event a party is canceled or incompatibly rescheduled.
If you are unable to attend a party for which you have
purchased a space, please call the Development Office at
569-1811, x 234. There may be a waiting list for that party, in
which case you may sell your space to the first person on the
list. If there is no list, you are welcome to sell or give your space
to another guest.
• Since Party Book offerings have been donated, all proceeds
will benefit Marymount.
• If a party does not sell out during the Back-to-School BBQ, there
will be opportunities to purchase spots at a later date.