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Annual Benefit Auction 2021

Do You Believe in Magic? Yes, We Do! 
If there was ever an example of Marymount working its magic it was last weekend’s “Magic of the Night” annual auction. Not just because of the fabulous food and entertainment, or the delightful repartee of the hosts, or even the amount of money raised, but because it highlighted the ability of our community to come together at an unprecedented time to support the work of our teachers, staff, and students. What we have collectively discovered, and have always known, is that the true magic of Marymount is the community.

We would like to thank and recognize the tremendous amount of work and resourcefulness that went into pulling this event together, particularly during a lockdown. First our host and Master of Ceremonies Andrew Firestone, a new Marymount parent who stepped up and knocked it out of the park with our amazing Head of School, Chris Broderick, in keeping the evening moving and entertaining. Andrea McFarling and Alex Dunn, who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to put together all the pieces from procurement and sponsorship to delivering drive-through meals the day of the event. Tina Wood, Pam Sanchez, and Stacy Nomura, former event chairs, came back for more and made the process seem easy - we could not have done this without you! To Koji + Stacy Nomura, who graciously donated the delicious meals, and the crew at Oku who prepared and delivered them. And to the amazing volunteers, faculty, family members, and staff who all came together to raise funds to keep this school and community running. And finally, to the crew who put together this year’s “Community”, “Testimonial”, and “Seasons of Love” videos, led by Alex Dunn and Jaime Nelson, which featured and included all members of the community, including alumni ….Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have filled these 525,600 minutes with love and gratitude. We cannot wait to see and thank you all in person!!!

Daniel Emmet and Henri Bristol
A Magical Evening Hosted by MC and Current Parent, Andrew Firestone